Dad Worked For A Living

I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot over the past several days. Likely it’s because I decided to rescue my dad’s blog off of Vox. I did an import from Vox, which did not go so well, so I took the blog through WordPress, which preserved the comments but left the media all over the place.

Unfortunately, to get everything, I’ve had to do a lot of manual work as the Vox export did not get everything–a lot of the uploaded video files and some audio files. I am downloading, reuploading, and cleaning up as I go. I’m roughly a third of the way through his posts, but as they say, the clock is ticking…

I am reading through Dad’s old blog posts. I can’t help but do so. Since I’m going through the entries front to back, I am going backward through history. Those posts talk a lot about his politics as well as his financial situation, which was precarious because of the line of work he was in (computer repair), where he was (Northern California, just north of Redding), and the economy (which affected his jobs).

Aside for working for a couple different companies, he also tried to sell his services on the side, both directly and through services like Crossloop and SupportSpace. He also tried to do a number of things that he thought he might be able to sell for money, namely making DVDs of various sorts. Unfortunately, he really wasn’t making it that well. It only got worse as his health deteriorated.

I consider myself lucky that I have a stable job for a stable company, I don’t have to drive all over creation to make a living, and I am in good health.






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