Creative Weblogging Blogs Go Full Feed

Regular readers of know that I also write for two of Creative Weblogging‘s blogs: The Gadgets Weblog and The VoIP Weblog. One of my annoyances with those blogs was that their RSS feeds were not full feeds. My participation on Vox has went way down since they switched away from full feeds. I’ve also stopped reading sites that didn’t have full RSS feeds for specifically that reason.

A day or so ago, one of my fellow CW bloggers noticed that the RSSfeeds for CW blogs had switched to full feeds. It turned out to be amistake, but given the positive reaction from the editors, they aregoing with it for the time being.

If you haven’t checked out my work on The Gadgets Weblog or The VoIPWeblog because of the lack of full RSS feeds, give it a look and let meknow what you think!






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