Creative Block

I seem to have hit a bit of a wall in terms of my creative endeavors. Maybe all those reports I’m writing for work lately have a lot to do with this. Maybe it’s all the time in shiny metal tubes. Not entirely sure. But when your creative pursuits involve more than just writing, you can’t really call it writers block, can you?

The good news is that I’ve recorded a new podcast for the first time in over three months, starting with a big new toy which I’m sure I spent far too many minutes talking about. I’m also writing something small here, but where I really need to kick it up a notch is over on PhoneBoy’s Security Theater as that advances my professional image.

The question is: can I maintain the creative momentum? I go in spurts, sometimes a few days, sometimes a few years. Consistency is key to honing your craft and while I can do it for a time, I eventually run out of steam.

It’s self-sabotaging, quite frankly, and I need to figure out why I do that. Not just in my creative pursuits.






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