CPAP and Meds No More?

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A few years ago, I was prescribed a CPAP machine to treat sleep apnea. For sure, it practically eliminated my snoring and it definitely helped me sleep better almost immediately. And while I don’t mind sleeping with the machine–I’ve gotten quite used to it, actually–I have to carry the machine with me when I travel.

Considering I am traveling pretty regularly now, it’s a real consideration. Thankfully the airlines treat it as a “free” carryon, but I still have to carry it. I’ve also been in more than one hotel room where there isn’t an outlet conveniently located near the bed. Not having to travel with it would be a benefit.

Meanwhile, it had been a couple years since I saw my pulmonologist and my appointment was this past Friday. Needless to say, the weight loss was pretty apparent and dramatic as it has been for my co-workers.

Given the significant weight loss and the fact my sleep apnea was pretty mild to begin with, he suggested I might not need a CPAP anymore. To confirm, I will need to do a home sleep study.

Of course, the problem with that is that I actually need to be home to schedule the appointment with the folks that will show me how to strap on the equipment. And, of course, to do the actual study. So it will be a few weeks.

Something else that came from that appointment: my blood pressure. It was…normal. Sure enough, as I’m testing at home, I’m starting to see normal numbers. That has to be fairly recent since even as recently as two weeks ago, I was still seeing slightly elevated blood pressure numbers.

Maybe I can stop carrying the medications as well? Certainly with my A1C at a 5.6%, I can make the argument that I don’t need them anymore. We’ll see when I talk to my primary care doctor in a week or so.






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