Closing Time

Well I can finally say that we only own one house again. What a relief!

Friday we signed the papers. It looked like we were going to owe a few hundred dollars–yes we did have to take significantly less than we wanted to sell for. However, that ended up being a matter of the title company not having the most up-to-date numbers. Instead we got a few hundred dollars back. Or will once they send the check.

On Monday, everything funded, which means their money hit our banks. The wife brought up the keys and the garage door openers to the new owners. And that was pretty much that.

The old house, she had her good points and bad. It was a little odd walking through the old house while it was empty. A house that we had watched being built from the ground up and had lived in for four years. But now it’s someone else’s house to make memories in.

Meanwhile, we have our own “new” place to make memories in. And I can rest easy knowing we only have one mortgage to worry about. It is a much bigger mortgage than we had on the old house, but we’ll manage.






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