Clean Sweep

Over the past several days, I have been spending a lot of time trying to clean my office. Given the sheer amount of stuff in my office, this is no small task.

One of the tasks at hand is dusting. We have cleaning people come in to do the rest of the house, but aside from a quick vacuum up in my office, they don’t do any cleaning up here. And that’s by design. Meanwhile, if I want things clean, it’s my job. I’ve managed to dust most of the large folding tables with crap on them. The one with the most crap, including the laser printer, has not been completely dusted yet.

As I make my way around the room to dust, I am also taking the opportunity to go through and find redundant or unused equipment and either put it away or throw it away. I’ve also given a few small items away over the past couple of days. Take that, packrat genes!

Tomorrow, I’ll hopefully complete my revolution around the office and vacuum up. I had the cleaning people forgo my office today because I knew I was about to make a bigger mess with all this cleaning I’ve been doing. 😉






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