Chris Selley: Airline security is worse than stupid. It’s sociopathic and immoral

“There has to be some sacrifice…when it comes to security,” [said a reporter whose toddler daughter was subject to a patdown at an airport recently.] True. “Sacrifice” was what we endured before 9/11 — long lines, metal detectors, emptying your pockets. The current situation is more reminiscent of The Onion’s fictional Franz Kafka International Airport, where the average delay is 32.2 hours, the security questionnaire asks, “Is it not true that you are whoever we say you are?” and agents write “LIAR” on the hands of passengers they don’t trust.


What scares me is that, even in the face of widespread opposition to the new TSA screening mandates, head of the Transportation Security Administration John Pistole testified before congress yesterday that he intends to continue the use of these unsafe, naked body scanners and the enhanced patdowns which even he admitted were invasive.

Hey Mr. Pistole, how about you take a trip to Israel and see how they do it. They are just as thorough but don’t require you to take off your shoes, walk through a potentially unsafe scanner, or have your “junk” molested. And it’s a lot cheaper than the scanners, too.






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