Child-Like Wonder

Every once in a while, someone asks me why–as a man–I have such a childish nickname–PhoneBoy. It’s a nickname a friend gave to me in the 1990s. Given the mild amounts of notoriety associated with it, it seems silly to change it now.

That said, it embodies a certain aspect of my personality I hope I never lose: child-like wonder. Man-made things like a bridge, a tall building, or a mobile phone. Things of nature like a mountain, trees, or the sky. Things that I’m sure I could understand, given enough time and energy. Things I simply look at and enjoy for what they are.

With this in mind, I’ve went through the various photos I’ve taken over the years and posted just a few of the things that captured my child-like wonder. Those of you who’ve known me may recognize a few of these pictures.






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