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  • What Humans Need

    We all need to be loved. I have no idea how I managed to stay married for as long as I did given that…

  • (Just Like) Starting Over

    As I’m trying to close a lengthy chapter in my life, namely a marriage that lasted nearly 25 years, it seems like a good time to start over on my personal blog. I definitely won’t be writing much about my marriage until the ink dries on the divorce decree—wouldn’t be prudent, as George Bush Sr. […]

  • Big Changes Start With Your Why

    It’s important that if you’re going to make any change in your life, you have a why. Today, upon completing my 47th lap around the sun, I’ll tell you mine. Today is the 10th anniversary of my father passing away, who coincidentally shared a birthday with me. It is also the 7th anniversary of my […]

  • Yes, I’m Jogging in Sandals

    For the last week and a half, I’ve been doing my daily jog(s) in these: Specifically, they are Cloud Barefoot Sandals from Xero Shoes. They are fairly thin-soled sandals that are about as close as you want to be to jogging barefoot. Several of you asked me: why? Honestly, there’s someone I know from a […]

  • Two Whole Feet, a Non-Scale Victory

    In the journey to better health, there’s often a lot of focus on what you weigh. And while it’s always great to see the scale move in the right direction, it’s not the only thing that changes. Sometimes, it’s those other things that will change before the number on the scale does. I’m quite happy […]

  • Really Overweight or Barely Obese?

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve put virtual pen to paper in longfom about my health journey. I’ve heard about the Covid-15, namely the 15 pounds you’ll gain as a result of being sheltered in place during Coronavirus. Me? I’m down weight since early February, which is the last time I was out of […]

  • Mi Band vs Apple Watch: Not Either-Or For Me

    I’ve resisted the whole smartwatch / fitness tracker thing for a while now. At some point a few years ago, my wife bought a fairly simple one that I ended up using until I lost it. Recently, I decided I needed another one as I’ve been starting add exercise into my routine. In July of […]

  • Running For My Life

    I’m two years into my health journey that began with adopting Intermittent Fasting along with a low carb diet to manage Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension. Since, I’ve adopted a more “no sugar no grains no seed oils” approach, trending mostly carnivore (I.e. eating mostly animal-based products). While I think it’s safe to say my […]

  • The Test You Want a Zero On

    A couple weeks ago, I posted I was going in for a CT Angiogram to get a Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) Score. The CAC score, which is a measure of how much calcium has built up in your heart, can be anything from a zero to over 1000. Generally speaking, the higher your CAC score, […]

  • Should I Continue Feeding the Medium or Nah?

    When trying to import the last couple of blog posts into Medium, I discovered that Medium couldn’t parse the posts since 10 Centuries went to version 5. Instead I wrote a new, single post that summarized the last couple, since they are part of the same thought process. I noticed when I created this post […]