Catch My Disease–NOT!

Ben Lee – Catch My Disease

This song by Ben Lee is just a feel-good song. I need right now as the current “disease” I have is strep throat. I used to get this yearly or maybe every other year until my mid-20s.There seems to be a round of it going through the house. A couple of months ago, both my daughter and
wife had strep. Jaden and I managed to avoid it. This time around, the wife got it. Yesterday, my throat started hurting in that all too familiar way. This morning, I schlepped myself and Gracie to the urgent care as she had a cold that wasn’t going away and we thought she might have it too.In short, she got a clean bill of health on strep, but I got it. Like that was a huge surprise. The good news is that I caught it relatively early. Given fluids, constant medication, and a nap, I feel a lot better already. However, I will need to stay medicated for a few days.The downside to all this sickness is that Gracie and I might miss out on Thanksgiving dinner this year. I’d rather keep these diseases inside the house, thank you very much. I don’t wish strep on anyone.






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