Campaign For Liberty — Thank Goodness the Government Cured the Recession by Anthony Gregory

It’s all over the news. “The recession is over.” Themainstream economists say so. This was the longest recession sinceWorld War II, I heard on the news (say, I thought the economy was justdandy throughout that war — oh, never mind).

The end of this terrible recession into which the free marketplunged us is all thanks to the federal government, of course. Inparticular, we owe the Obama administration our gratitude for itsstimulus program. But we should also tip our hats — hats we canpresumably now afford to buy — toward the Bush administrationfor its TARP bailouts, without which the banking system would havecompletely collapsed, credit would have dried up and we would have allstarved to death.


Of course the government didn’t cure the recession. They created the recession in the first place.






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