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A well known person in the VoIP by the name of Jeff Pulver started a game of blog tag as a sort of “virtual cocktail party.” This made it’s way around my blog circle and eventually hit me. I responded to this game on my other blog, but I figured it might be a fun game to start on Vox as well.

The basic idea is to post five things that other people online might not know about you and then “tag” five other people to do the same. Seems silly, I know, but hey, why not. I will start things off by reposting my list from my other blog:

  1. Right out of college, I did IT for a now-defunct company thatemployed recruiters who sold both internal and external candidates intovarious IT jobs. I myself was “whored out,” as I lovingly called it,into a company that I ultimately ended up working for doing a job Inever thought I’d do–phone support.
  2. My hyphenated last name was the result of me losing a best3-out-of-5 coin toss with my wife. No, her name isn’t hyphenated andthe kids have her last name.
  3. I am originally from Santa Cruz, California. Aside from the fouryears I moved to Hawaii and went to high school, I lived in the BayArea until 1998. After that, I moved to Washington state where I havelived in both Spokane and the Greater Seattle area–rather opposite interms of geography and politics. Despite having lived outside of theBay Area for nearly a decade now, I have managed to remain employed bycompanies with a Bay Area office and been able to work from home allthat time. I consider myself lucky.
  4. My online history goes back 2 decades. I first got online in 1986using a 300 baud acoustic coupler modem hooked up to an old Apple ][+.In fact, that acoustic coupler used to respond in kind when I playedHardball! and a few other games. The handle I had back then: KC,sometimes KC Smith if I needed more characters or a last name. 10 yearsago, PhoneBoy became the handle of choice.
  5. I earned my first dollar singing on stage with my fatherwhen I was three. I did try and experiment with a guitar and piano whenI was a little older, but unlike my father and many other geeks, Ididn’t seem to have the musical aptitude and/or didn’t feel likeworking at it enough to get anywhere with it. Although, to this day,when presented with a piano, I try and play a few songs that I haven’tseen sheet music for, yet manage to work out the melody for. Maybethere is something there…

Now the question is: who to tag. Let’s just pick from my neighborhood: Jamie, ilias, tndaisy1960, Leo Laporte, TechZilla. Consider yourselves tagged. Spread the word. I’d love to see how far this goes on Vox.






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