BA attacks U.S. airport security demands –

The chairman of British Airways has launched an attack on “completely redundant” airport checks and said the UK should stop “kowtowing” to US demands for increased security.

The comments by Martin Broughton reflect broader industry and passenger frustration over the steady accumulation of rules on everything from onboard liquids to hand baggage that have blossomed since the September 11 terrorist attacks.


Most of the so-called security rules that have come into play since 9/11 don’t really increase security. Taking off my shoes? Please. Taking all your liquids out for scanning? Please. Even the Israelis don’t make you do that stuff at Ben Gurion, though curiously, they don’t even let you board a US-bound flight with large liquids in your carryon that you bought post-security.

I agree with the sentiment from the chairman of British Airways, though. Instead of just adding inane check after inane check, let’s start over and come up with a minimal set of checks that make sense and cover the important areas.






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