Another Notch in the Belt

While I did get a new belt a while ago, I did keep one of my belts from when I had a 54 inch waist. Possibly a little more since, at one point, I struggled to get the belt on. Today, I decided to wear it, but had to punch another hole in it, as I shrank a little more since I last wore it.

The distance between the holes? 14 and a half inches. Which definitely means these size 40 shorts I bought last week should fit quite nicely. We’ll find out next week when I’m someplace warm enough to wear them.

Meanwhile, I did get my blood drawn today, which include an A1C test. As usual, it will be a couple days before I find out the results. No urine sample this time, though. I guess my doctor was pretty sure I stopped peeing glucose out of my urine, which is something that happens when you have too much of it in your blood stream. Considering readings like this on my glucometer have been pretty common in the past several weeks, there’s a good chance he’s right:

And, of course, the weight loss has continued, though it has slowed down a bit:

Meanwhile, I await my A1C test results.






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