Another Day-Before Easter in Seattle

When I lived in California, rain pretty much caused activities to grind to a halt. Here in the Seattle area, things generally happen rain or shine. Today was no exception as our neighborhood had our annual Easter Egg hunt in the rain and had a fairly good turnout. Even the Easter Bunny sat out in the rain and took pictures. My daughter didn’t go because she’s a little bit too young to be out in the rain for that long.

And of course the rain continued for my son’s tee-ball pictures, which had individual pictures done under tarps and the team pictures done out in the rain. I feel sorry for the kids who had to get on both knees in the mud. I also feel sorry for the parents who have to wash the white pants the kids some teams had. Fortunately, Jaden’s team wears black pants and he didn’t have to kneel.

Tee-ball is a hard sport to do in the rain, though, so we didn’t have our Saturday afternoon game today. That and, after dealing with pictures in the rain and the Easter Egg hunt, we weren’t particularly interested in being in the rain anymore. My son and I went home and played Monopoly where he once again managed to beat me.






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