An Old Poem I Wrote in College

I was going through some old files in my University Unix account trying to look for some of my favorite quotes to answer one of the recent quotes of the day. Instead, I found this “prose poem” I wrote to a girl on April 7th, 1993. There an email time stamp with it, thus why I know when.

Considering that I am now unable to get to most of the poetry I wrote in high school thanks to being saved on an obsolete disk drive format (Mac 800k), this was kind of a nice find. Not quite the vintage I was looking for, but close enough.

A pretty face scarred in her own tears as they burn across her face like a whip — cracking, stinging, burning. As much as you want to hide those eyes that are red with pain and anguish, I want to stare deeply into them and soothe the streaks of fire that they are churning out. I want your eyes to uncloud for a moment and see that my love for you is stronger than your pain. If only you could see the message your relentless sorrow and fear are forbidding you from seeing that my face aptly communicates; if only you could stop screaming long enough to hear my words; if only you could fight the numbness long enough to feel the warmth in my touch; you might just sleep alone tonight.






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