Addicted to Taste

One time I went to visit an urgent care doctor to get some antibiotics for a sinus infection. I briefly talked with the doctor about weight. She had said, about food “but all that bad food tastes so good.” That statement came to mind this evening as I was eating a cup full of granola and soy milk a bit after dinner. I was also reminded of some things I saw in this Aspie movie that Daisy uploaded recently.

All of this came together in my mind and I realized what it is that makes me eat more than I should–I enjoy the taste of certain things. More often than not, I am eating something because I enjoy the taste of it and want to keep eating it to keep that taste in my mouth. I have in the past, for instance, eaten a pound of cheddar cheese because it tasted good. Or a whole multi-serving bag of Doritos.

Now granted, I’ve gotten better at choosing what I actually eat lots of. Instead of eating a whole bunch of Doritos, I’ll stand at the counter with a bag of carrots and the container of hummus, and chow down. But the fact is, even healthy things are bad for you in large enough quantities. What I almost wish I could do was just turn off my desire for tastes. I almost want to be so that food was simply not enjoyable to me. Instead of eating because it tastes good, I would eat only to satisfy hunger.

If anyone can figure out how to break the addiction to tastes, I’d love to hear about it.






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