Act As If

Today, I noticed something my stomach was doing without me even really thinking about it: I was walking around most of the day with my stomach muscles pulling into my gut. This was something I read in “You! On a Diet.” Why did I do that? Probably because of what I am doing at bedtime.

One of the things I am doing each night before I go to bed is imagining myself at my “target weight.” I envision myself getting slimmer and slimmer as the months pass. When I “get there,” I should be able to wear jeans with a 38 inch waist comfortably and wear this black CheckPoint T-shirt I’ve had for a while now and not look like a stuffed sausage in the process. I suspect this is around 195 pounds, but I really don’t care. 38 inch waist is what I care about.

Perhaps the visualization technique is paying off. As part of my visualization, I guess I am changing my posture–unconsciously. Cool. 😉






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