A Positive Week

Overall, I have to say this has been a productive week in the office. I managed to get a lot done, make some positive “first impressions” on a person that has the potential to be a future boss, and received encouraging news about my future. Considering I’ve heard and seen a lot of bad news over the past few months, it’s nice to know my employer still values my services. The news I received undeniably confirms that.

It was not all positive this week, though. A co-worker in a different group passed on this week, losing his long and drawn-out battle with cancer. Given everything this person went through during the end of his life on this world, he was truly an inspiration. Even has his health deteriorated and he experienced what can be best described as bad luck, he was always positive and didn’t complain about his situation. I am happy to have known him and hope that he finds peace in the afterlife.






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