A Long Week

This has been one of the more difficult weeks I’ve had in a while. I’ve been sleeping far more than I usually do this week just due to the exhaustion I have been feeling at the end of the day. Part of it is the amount of work that I’ve been doing, part of it is some of the emotional turmoil going on with a friend of mine.

This weekend, my wife is out of town attempting to enjoy herself with a couple of friends. That leaves me taking care of the kids, which isn’t so bad, but between the lousy weather and being the end of Spring Break, not all of our usual weekend activities are available. It is a bit of a challenge to keep them entertained and get everything else done too.

Last night was a bit of a challenge as I ended up having to strip and remake my daughter’s bed while holding her. Nothing like a bit of barf to make things interesting. Today was a bit of a challenge because my son and I were butting heads more often than usual—it is sometimes so painfully obvious that Jaden is my kid it’s scary.

On the plus side, Jaden and I played Monopoly and I got soundly beaten by him. I just wasn’t getting good dice rolls. He managed to build up just enough so that a fatal visit to Pennsylvania Avenue was enough to bankrupt me. Since he’s still learning the ropes—after all, he’s not even 6 yet—I am looking forward to the day where he can beat me totally unassisted and I can actually unhandicap myself. My wife thinks I play “too hard” with him, though, but she obviously doesn’t know how I play when I play for real. What’s scary is how much of the strategy I am “teaching” him is already starting to sink in.






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