A Busy Week of Blogging

Over the past week or so, I started writing on two new blogs–ones that actually pay me some dosh!

The pay, which isn’t great, is part of the reason I am doing this. The other reason is that I feel I need to learn some new stuff to improve my blogging. Working with an outfit like Creative Weblogging is very useful for that reason, as they provide tips on increasing traffic to your blogs and help when you’re stuck.

Over the past week, I’ve written 20+ entries between the two blogs–some have already posted, others will be posted in due time. That doesn’t even count my “personal” tech blog, where I’ve also started the practice of pre-writing posts as well.

All of this blogging elsewhere means other than a random posting here or there or a photo upload from a phone, my Vox blog is not getting much action lately. Unfortunately, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.






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