99% Pure Chocolate

Allow me to take a detour from my usual ramblings for something most everyone likes: chocolate. But this isn’t just any chocolate, my friends. This is 99% pure cocoa. Compare this to most chocolate you likely experience, which can hardly be called chocolate, given that it’s mostly sugar.

I have yet to find this elusive 99% cocoa bar from Lindt or anyother supplier. However, if it’s anything like the 85% stuff, I will bein for a real treat.

The 88% stuff I had–not from Lindt, but from someplace else–knocked my socks off. It’s also something the rest of the family doesn’t like, so when I do find it, I get to eat it all.

Keacher.com has a blog post detailing a “taste test experience”with the 85% and 99% bars from Lindt. Clearly there’s a differencehere–a difference that you must savor. Slowly. Deliberately. It’s theonly way to truly enjoy your chocolate.






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