8 Things About Me

I’ve started a number of these things, so might as well participate in one. This one goes back to someone named “Laowolf” which I can’t find a reference to. But I got tagged by Ocifant, who got tagged by Philhellene, who got tagged by Aubrey, who got tagged by DKN. Trail runs cold there. I think the idea is to list 8 “interesting” facts about me and then tag 8 others. I might not be able to tag 8 others, or come up with 8 interesting facts, but we’ll find out.

1. I have a thing for the game of Monopoly. Perhaps because I have many memories of playing with my mom or other members of my family. I even made a Monopoly set one time. I used the back of a different board game, made the property cards out of construction paper. I may have used the Chance/Community Chest cards from a “real” game, but I managed to make the rest of it. Can’t remember what I used for houses and hotels.

2. When I was 8, I broke my arm attempting to carry a ball while climbing up a cliff at a beach. Because I did not go to the physical therapy after getting my cast off, I can’t turn my right wrist more than 90 degrees, meaning I can’t turn my right palm face-up. Occasionally annoying, but I can usually work around it.

3. I have never voted for a presidential candidate that has ever made office. I’m therefore wondering if I should vote for “the other guy” if and when Bill Richardson wins the Democratic nomination.

4. One of my favorite shows when I was a kid was Fight Back! with David Horowitz. Nice to know David Horowitz is still doing his thing on the Internet.

5. One thing I wanted to do when I grew up was be a Game Show Host. That never came anywhere near true, obviously.

6. I graduated college with exactly the number of credits I needed to graduate: no more, no less. Call it laziness.

7. The first mobile phone I owned as a Qualcomm phone. This is prior to working at Nokia, of course. 🙂

8. Despite having had cats most of my life, I am, according to some allergy tests I took last year, allergic to cats. Not seriously, but I do notice that they bother me at times.

Okay, that’s 8 facts. So who can I tag? Well, I don’t exactly feel like tagging anyone right now. It’s late and I want to go to bed. If you want to respond in-kind, then be my guest.






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